Set design - Concept development

Program: Setdesign for interior
Location: Copenhagen, Milan
Year: 2009

Becksöndergaard is a Danish fashion brand of accessories.
They ordered a new and innovative design for their fair trade shows in
Copenhagen and Milan.

The company wished for more flexibilty, functionality and at the same
time they wanted something innovative that would create a strong character and personality to their space. In order to accomondate the need for flexibility there were designed shelfs of metal and wood, which would create options for different ways of use.

All furniture are on wheels, wich means they can be placed in different possitions according to the specific need.
Old window frames on wheels were introduced as a personal element that would create options for different ways of showing the products. The rough texture of the frames creates a contrast to the new shelfs and together they create a functional, but characteristic background for the accessories of Becksöndergaard.